WidiLand – Bring the environmental message into the Metaverse

With evolving gameplay and future Metaverse plans, WidiLand is a dynamic #free2play and #play2earn  game to explore and build a new world. Players will play the role of the first inhabitants of the land of Widi, starting the journey to build a life on a new promised planet. This niche gaming genre has a well-established global following, with WidiLand releasing its beta version in December 2021.

1. Project Introduction

WidiLand is a blockchain-based cross-device colony management game (CMG) opening its beta in December 2021. In this niche gaming genre of simulation games (players manage, build or grow simulated cities or projects with limited resources) players build a Colony in an isolated location starting out with limited resources. Success comes from collecting and combining resources from the local area to expand the colony. Additionally, there are elements of real-time strategy (RTS) gameplay, where actions and consequences progress in real time, not in a turn-based manner.

WidiLand is set in the year 2130 when Earth’s resources have been exhausted and the planet is so polluted that humanity is in danger of extinction. At the same time, there is a planet nearly 24 light-years away – TKE-1012, which has Earth-like life. However, the ship that brought the first group of elites to TKE-1012 was damaged, including all telecommunications and high-tech equipment. Now, with all that advanced technology gone, the pioneers face a huge challenge: early life. And so, players must start building new lands from scratch with limited resources – and from there, the journey begins!

(https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zIrBmsHCVgqXxyynmCRc8D7-2YY2O4mQ/view?usp=sharing )

A unique feature of WidiLand is the way the plot develops in stages:

Chapter 1: Journey Begins! The crew begins to build a new life on TKE-1012.

Chapter 2: Devastation, the inhabitants of Widi must defend themselves from the threatening invaders.

Chapter 3: The New Era, with their efforts, the people of Widi have reconnected with the Space Station to continue the project and plan to bring humanity to a new home. This is also the beginning of the Metaverse.

WidiLand lowers access barriers so that anyone can play the game at no cost: they get a free character and can play through the storyline while earning rewards; it’s #free2play. Moreover, it’s #play2earn: players can earn in-game currency which can be valued in the real world. 

WidiLand uses two currencies: $WSO and $WIDI, both of which are BEP-20 BSC tokens – the token standard for Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and an extension of Ethereum‘s ERC-20. 

2. Product Review

WidiLand lowers the entry barrier by being both #free2play and #play2earn. The team at Widi Global Pte. Ltd focuses on six key factors to achieve the best player experience:

  • Motivation
  • Meaningful Choices
  • Balance
  • Usability
  • Aesthetics
  • Fun

2.1. Characters

In the first Chapter: The Journey Begins, players will have NFT characters of 3 different classes, each having unique abilities that interact with different Constructions:

  • Farmer
  • Miner
  • Builder

Attractively drawn and animated, each class has different skills that players use to gather resources and build their colony.



  • Abilities: Cultivating lands, farming, breeding pets, and decorating their virtual lands.
  • Construction can interact with: The Farm, Livestock Barn, The Kitchen.
  • Skills: restore farming stamina and increase productivity.
  • Stats: High physical farming stats; High planting speed; High speed of breeding pets.



  • Abilities: Mining items, resources needed for building, character, and item upgrades.
  • Construction can interact with: Forests, Mineral Mines, Wind Stone Mines.
  • Skills: mining endurance and movement speed.
  • Stats: Good mining stamina; high speed mining ore, wood, wind stone, etc.; Chance of mining precious items.



  • Abilities: Building, upgrading Farm, Windmill, House, Mines, etc.
  • Constructions can interact with: All 7 different kinds (Basic Land, The Farm, Livestock Barn, Fish Pond, Mineral Mines, Forests, Wind Stone Mines).
  • Skills: reduce construction time and increase enhancing item rate.
  • Stats: High physical construction stats; High rate of enhancing items; High construction speed.

Within each class, the characters have different levels of rarity: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary.

Characters can collaborate to summon a new soul; when two characters consent to match, they can make a new NFT that inherits the characteristics of the two original beings. To do this, players need $WSO to engage in this process. Once created, the new soul can then participate fully in all aspects of the game, just like any other character.

2.2. Lands (NFT Token)

1. Crop Land:  


2. Desert Land 


3. Dry Land: 


4. Forest Land:


5. Aquatic Land: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ORzrK1MyK-PikyJd5UvMhPWlbhVBRsR1/view?usp=sharing

6. Volcanic Land:


While there’s an enormous map with 6 unique Land types for players to enjoy, there’s still a limit on how much land is available. Additionally, the lands can be randomly set and affected by in-game activities, and define the Lands’ rarity. Types of Lands are:

  • Crop Land: Common
  • Desert Land: Common
  • Dry Land: Uncommon
  • Forest Land: Rare
  • Aquatic Land: Epic
  • Volcanic Land: Legendary

The Lands can be acquired by event participation or purchased in a secondary market.

2.3. Items

As can be expected from a blockchain CMG, there are a considerable number of NFTs that can be acquired through playing the game or trading for in the Marketplace.

  • Seeds: Needed for starting farms or livestock upgrading, Seeds have a critical role. Can be purchased in the Marketplace.
  • Harvested items: By harvesting farming products and mining, players can get items such as Crops, Eggs, “Cow milk” or Rocks, Gold, Silver. Use these items to trade in the Marketplace or to create Product items.
  •  Product items: By combining different Harvested items, players can create numerous different Product items. For example, “Cow milk” and Eggs combine to make Cheese, a surprising mix! 
  • Special items: Players can collect these at special event shops or by random chance.

2.4. Activities

There are a multitude of actions that the characters can do in WidiLand, including farming, breeding, crafting, mining ores, trading items, but especially interacting socially with other players.

  • Cultivating, Breeding and Cooking: When using the Farmer class, players can perform three operations, corresponding to job skills: Cultivation, Breeding and Cooking. You can choose the plant seed type or animal at the Marketplace in response to the harvesting time or in-game difficulties.
  • Mining: When using the Miner, players can perform two actions: Mining or Digging ore. The mined goods can also be traded in the Marketplace or used to create high-level items.
  • Collecting items: Players can explore the maps with the ability to collect random items. Unsurprisingly, these items can be traded in the Marketplace or used for actions such as Mining ore.
  •  Crafting items: By going to the Windmill, Builders use wind energy to craft and upgrade items. Requiring Craft materials, these can be gathered by the previous activities (Cultivating and Feeding, Mining, or Collecting items) or trading in the Marketplace. If players can get the Wind Stone, they can produce an item of even greater power.
  • Item exchange: As previously mentioned, players can trade items (such as Soil and Seeds) in the Marketplace. 
  • Interaction: It’s possible for you to interact with other players through: Making friends, private chat, group chat, gift giving.
  •  Order Fulfillment: Players complete order slips to earn $WSO. Difficulty can range from Easy to Super difficult. Each completed order will earn $WSO and EXP.
  • Daily Missions: The Daily quest system allows for up to 5 missions per day (depending on the player’s VIP level) with quest requirements potentially varying based on the player’s level. All completed and uncompleted quests will be replaced by new quests the next day. 
  • Special events: Various seasonal events (such as Horse Racing Festival, Cooking Festival, and Pet Festival) are held for players to join in – and earn rewards.

Products from these activities could be traded in the Marketplace.

2.5. Trading market

The NFT Marketplace is a decentralized exchange where players and investors can use $WIDI to buy digital assets as NFTs (such as Characters, Lands or Treasures) directly from the Publisher (the Primary Market; where the Publisher sells only a limited amount) or collect them from other participants (the Secondary Market) all in one platform. 

WidiLand’s Marketplace features:

  • Monetizing game assets 
  • Monetizing game assets 
  • Pricing, Buying, or Selling NFT Assets
  • Renting or Leasing NFT Assets
  • Bidding, Auctioning NFT Assets 
  • Searching and Filtering Items 
  • Limiting orders


3. Unique Selling Points

3.1. Easy and incentivized customer journey

#Pay2play has barriers built-in for customer uptake, making it difficult to hit critical mass to get the number of online customers needed to play against others. This is why the #free2play model is booming because it doesn’t require any up-front investment to enjoy the game.

WidiLand gives everyone the opportunity at #free2play by giving all new players a Character to start the game with. The Character is immediately ready to play and earn in-game tokens ($WSO). Gathering enough of these $WSO can be traded to buy more Characters in the Marketplace.


3.2. #Play2Earn Tiers

The Widiland team covers their revenue-earning bases with two options for #play2earn:

  • No initial investment: As already mentioned, everyone receives a free Character at sign-up and can start earning $WSO immediately.
  • Maximum efficiency and capacity: Real Estate is often a sound investment in the real world, and players are also able to purchase Land or Stake in WidiLand. Invest in these with $WIDI – although there’s a limit of 400,000,000.


3.3. Evolving gameplay and Metaverse plans

WidiLand is a dynamic game and shifts its gameplay goals from Chapter to Chapter. Starting out focused on resource gathering and colony expansion, in Chapter 2, players must fight off fearsome attackers and protect their Colony. In Chapter 3, you return to refresh the Earth; compellingly, there are plans to incorporate Metaverse (the hypothesized next iteration of the internet, supporting decentralized, persistent online 3-D virtual environments) elements at that time.

3.4. Environmental message

Countries all around the planet are grappling with the consequences of climate change; There is repeated messaging from WidiLand about the importance of harvesting resources from the Lands in a sustainable manner, lending realism to this digital world.

3.5. Staking land with $WSO

Players have the option to purchase $WSO to open up the extra feature of owning Land or Staking in WidiLand. This investment can lead to ongoing returns as players continue to devote time to playing the game.

3.6. Decentralized borrowing and lending

It’s possible to participate in anonymous borrowing and lending in WidiLand. Players can use NFTs as collateral to obtain a loan from another player – potentially without knowing who the other is. If it is not paid back on time, that NFT is automatically transferred to the new owner.

3.7. Digital asset holder

The Characters, Lands and Items are NFTs which are all digital assets that earn rewards like Harvesting milk and help to advance the game. 

There’s a social interaction element to WidiLand and players can enter into direct peer-to-peer private arrangements with others, trading Characters or equipment as you progress.

When you start the game, the player receives a default character from the system. Players then have full access to gameplay – except those actions requiring $WIDI like purchasing Land, of course.

4. Tokenomics

There are two non-fungible tokens used in WidiLand: 

  • The $WIDI Token: a BEP-20 BSC token which is the token standard for the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and is an extension of Ethereum’s ERC-20.
  • The $WSO Token is also a BEP-20 BSC token.


There is a total supply limit of 400,000,000 $WIDI which can be used to purchase lands and items from the Marketplace, or Staking to earn interest.

Players can get $WIDI with $BNB Crates (Binance Coin) by using PancakeSwap which is the most secure decentralized finance protocol on the Binance Smart Chain

A unique feature of WidiLand is decentralized lending and borrowing without either party needing to identify themselves. Borrowers can leverage WidiLand’s NFT assets as collateral; should they not repay the loan, the lender automatically receives the NFT.


The $WSO is the unlimited WidiLand native currency and is used for game specific purposes like buying equipment. This token can be earned through:

  • Daily Quests
  • Battle Pass
  • Monthly Pass
  • Leaderboard
  • Special Events

It can be used for:

  • Summon Fees (to make a new NFT character).
  • In-game and inflation token: such as mint-burn (which is the permanent removal of removing tokens from circulation, reducing the total supply); in-game activities.
  • In-game activities: such as upgrading items or playing the lottery.


5. Roadmap

WidiLand has long-ranging plans stretching to 2024 for the development of the game and the DAO, which players can affect gameplay decisions.

(https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1EoDIi8qCfWZA4mslBQ9yT9bmFIlwRhaB )

6. Media

The following are WidiLand’s communication channels and communities. Subscribe now to follow the latest information.

+ Facebook fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/widiland/ 

+ Twitter: https://twitter.com/WidiLand 

+ Telegram News: https://t.me/widilandglobal 

+ Telegram Group: https://t.me/widiland

+ Discord: https://discord.gg/eDn3m9wATf

7. Team and Advisors

Team Photo: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1EhEfIcYh5uk-lXFZ_MlnO8bJ9ceKChUV

Nguyen Huu An – Co-Founder/CEOFormer CEO at CleverTube9+ years of experience in developing software and mobile apps in national and international corporations.Winner of Vietnam Startup Wheel 2018Top 6 young leaders in digital transformation 2021.Tran Xuan Duc Co-Founder/COOFounder at RELIPA CO LTD10+ years of experience in Software Developing.Profound knowledge and wide experience of Software Business.
Nguyen Thanh Binh Co-Founder/CPOCEO at DD Solution JSCFormer CEO at SpaceShareCEO at GATCEO at MOR10+ years of experience in developing software products.Experience in ideas materializes. Nguyen Nhat Anh Game OwnerCo-Founder and CEO at Angles StudioGame Developer at VCCorpAndroid Team Leader tạati VNP GroupCo-Founder & CTO at CFF StudioTechnical Leader at Virtrix Studio – VNG11+ years of experience in the Gaming Industry. Experience in developing online game systems such as Cat Cell Connect, Fruitzle, Maze Splat, Hexa Block, World Farm, Tank 1990 and other 20+ online games.Highlighted projects: Soha Book – Mobile App, Fire of War – Game 2D, 123doc – Mobile App, Vat Gia – Mobile App, Cuc Re – Mobile App, Rao Vat – Mobile App, 3Q Heroes vs Zombie, 3D AI War – MOBA game , Block Puzzle – Game 2D, Cyberdead – Game 2D, Auto Hero – Game 2D

Nguyen Trung Anh Head of Blockchain DevelopmentTech consultant  – Leader at Sateraito Office Inc.Former developer at Cyber ​​AgentMBA in Computer Vision & ARWide experience in decentralized protocol, scalability and security through all tried and tested Decentralized Solutions.Many years of experience working as a blockchain architect and engineer.

Bui Anh Nhân CMOCo-Founder & Former CMO at SpaceShareCo-Founder & Former CMO at Krow OfficeWinner of Start-up Kawai – one of the greatest startup competitions in Vietnam.Many years of experience as a Community Manager and Marketing Manager.

Vu Thi Hoa Artist Leader2D Artist at Angles StudioArtist at BP StudioArtist at Rocket StudioHighlighted projects:: Journey of 2048 – Game mobile, Pet maze – Game mobile, Mr Banana- Game mobile, Dungeon Puzzles: Match 3 RPG – Game mobile, Auto Hero – Game mobile

Do Ngoc Anh Animator VFX LeaderAnimator at Angles GameAnimator at CFF GameAnimator at Sonat GameHighlighted projects: Block Puzzle – Game 2D, Cyberdead – Game 2D, Auto Hero – Game 2D

Tran Hong Phuc – Game DesignerProduct Owner at Angles StudioGame Master at GamotaHighlighted projects: Thien Long Sword, Tru Tiên 3D, Auto Hero

Nguyen Minh Chuong Game Team LeaderServer Developer – IPI CorpServer Game Developer – XCTServer Game Manager at HDC Game

Mach Chi Thuan – Server Game DeveloperFrontend Developer at L-Tech

Phan Quoc Huy Client Game DeveloperCo-Founder at Non StudioGame developer at Canadian Game Studio MagmicGame developer at NCT, XCT, Bliss CorpGame developer at startup Mobi.G

Nguyen Minh Thanh Client Game DeveloperCo-Founder at Non StudioCo-Founder at startup game 91BIZGame developer & Mobile team leader at Hoang Linh OnlineGame developer at startup game Senspark

Phan Dinh Nhan Client Game DeveloperGame developer at Antenda StudioGame developer at Athena Studio


Mr. Teddy Phan
AdvisorGame Designer Leader ati G2 Studio – VTC Intecom12+ years of Game Design ExperienceMBA – National Economics University
Mr. Kenzi WangFounding Partner of AU21 CapitalVice President and GM of Huobi GlobalCo-Founder of Cere NetworkAdvisor of Polkastarter

Mr. Nguyen The Nang
Product Manager of TomoChainHead of Promotions of LuaVenturesProject Director at Vietnam Auto Solutions
8. Summary
With the niche market success of traditional games like RimWorld, WidiLand is positioned well to leverage blockchain technology in the CMG genre. Players own their Characters and equipment as NFTs, and have the potential to similarly own Lands by purchasing them with $WIDI. But there’s no need for an up-front investment, players can enjoy #free2play and the ability to #play2earn as everyone receives a free Character when they sign up.These Characters can explore all the Lands and environments, gathering resources and growing the Colony. As you progress through the game, you can purchase another Character. Continue to grow your numbers as two Characters can summon a new one – another NFT that can immediately start interacting with the planet, TKE-1012. Or trade them in the Marketplace. With WidiLand, how you play is up to you. WidiLand has some unique features that have potential for a gripping game: The game evolves from Chapter to Chapter, changing the gameplay goals and strategies. Players must level up their game to adapt to these new challenges;There are plans in place to bridge WidiLand into the Metaverse as players return to revitalize Earth in Chapter 3: New Era;The game story has a strong environmental message, resonating with a current global issue.With opportunities for social interaction in the Marketplace and different chat options, there are elements in place to grow a community around WidiLand; but players can still remain anonymous if they want to with decentralized borrowing. Just make sure to pay it back on time or else you may lose the NFT you put up to get the loan.   


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