Blockbuster Q4/2021 officially revealed: WidiLand – Venture to our future home

🎊🎉 🏞️ Welcome to WidiLand 🏞️🎊🎉

🌲 How long has it been since you last planted a tree, raised an animal, harvested fruits, interacted with your beloved ones, and made a new friend? If it has been a while, WidiLand is made for you.

🌲 WidiLand is an NFT social networking game offering a Free to Earn business model. In WidiLand, players have the freedom to build their own land by immersing themselves in many special roles and enjoying different game modes.

🌲 Enabled by blockchain technology, all the digital items, lands and characters in WidiLand serve not only entertainment purposes but also trading objectives. These digital items can be sold, rented, and exchanged, which brings gamers high income.

🌲 This project was invested by popular investors and capitals worldwide, which will be announced soon.

🌲 One more special thing, WidiLand is now on off-chain testing and will be published in December. But from right now, investors can follow the WidiLand channel to attend the IDO event this November…

🌲 So, What are you waiting for? Let’s begin!

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